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Dog Groomer vs Hair Stylist

on April 17, 2012

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Recently, I’ve been looking into finding myself a stylist for my hair.  Since I’ve moved, I’ve had no where to take this mop of mine.  Luckily, I wear it long and I let it air dry pretty much every time I get out of the shower.  Pin straight hair is pretty easy to work with.  But I am due for a cut and I was thinking about dying it back to blonde, since trying to keep my hair as a brunette is pretty impossible in the summer.  The natural red is even start to seep through the past winter dye.  Luckily, I have a co-worker who’s girlfriend is a hair dresser.  Roughly $70 for a good cut and color.

$70, my goodness.  My first reaction was, that’s like grooming a Standard Poodle, but the Poodle is getting so much more out of this.  Most of my clients complain about Standard…

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