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on May 10, 2012

Dear Friend and Fellow Healthy Eater,

It’s tough to know what foods to make that will contribute to   your health, taste delicious and be ready before you throw your hands up   in frustration and order pizza. You’ve just discovered an easy to follow cookbook that   makes healthy cooking fast and easy.

More and more doctors are stepping forward and admitting that they have been wrongly advising patients for YEARS!  It’s  not fats and carbs or even meats and cheeses that are causing the  onslaught of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancers. It is the constant exposure to foods that aggravate the body.

Our  bodies are amazing organic machines that can handle cholesterol and fats  and even things that irritate our systems, but not if we barrage them  relentlessly day after day.  If we keep slamming our systems with  processed foods and foods that don’t agree with our bodies we are  willingly handing over our health, wasting our energy, tossing our  vitality out the window and shortening our lifespan.  But how do we know what foods irritate our totally unique, individual bodies?

After  fifteen years of researching everything from extreme diets for  alkalizing, vegetarianism, veganism, and raw foods, to diets that sing  the praises of high volumes of animal proteins and whole fat raw dairy  in attemps to find out what diet would work best for me, I was very  informed but still hungry! I flooded my mind with dietary information,  but experienced a drought of real world application.  I was starving  (literally and figuratively) for a practical guide to eating.


  Are You Literally Sick and Tired Of Asking These Same Questions And Not Getting The Answers You Need?

  • What can I make that contributes to my health and longevity, but also tastes delicious and is ready quickly?
  • What can I eat that is rich and creamy, but won’t make my ass the size of a city bus?
  • What can I pop in my mouth as a quick snack that won’t send my cholesterol or blood sugar off the charts?
  • What are quick, healthy breakfasts to start my day that won’t make me late for work?
  • What about salads and veggies, how can I make them taste great and get my family to eat them?
  • How can I make recipes so they are satisfying, not leaving me hungry again in an hour?

I had those same questions you did too. My predicament led me to listen to my body and pay attention to what it told me.   I learned what my body needs, what my body reacts well (and  not-so-well) to, what foods give me steady, lasting energy and sharp  mental focus.

As it turns out I had no need for restrictive diets or challenging programs or loads expensive supplements.  Delicious menus of real, whole foods allow me to enjoy the things so many diet plans warn against. I started sharing what I learned with friends and family and an ever  expanding network of people.  They started discovering what works for  their bodies and how to adjust their own diets.  I crated recipes that  worked well for most everyone, avoiding processed and refined foods and  focusing on real, whole foods and fresh produce.

Everyone reaped such a wide array of benefits from the healthy recipes, that I committed to The Delicious Revolution.

Does This Sound Too Good To Be True?

It’s Not!  In Less Than A Few Short Hours From Right Now You Can Be Well On Your Way To Making Delicious, Healthy Meals That Will Have Your Family and Friends BEGGING For Seconds.

Let Me Teach You Exactly How To Make and Prepare Delicious Meals Fast and Easy!.

  • Over 100 Easy to Make Delicious & Healthy Recipes! Each recipe has a Gorgeous Full Color Professional Photograph. There’s  simply nothing like this cookbook available anywhere else.
  • The Delicious Manifesto! A clear cut guide to healthy eating that will once and for all explain why food is so much more than just fuel for your body.
  • The Delicious Kitchen Arsenal! A fabulous kitchen need not cost a fortune. Learn exactly what kitchen essentials to buy for picture perfect recipes every time.
  • The Healthy Pantry! Get  the skinny on what to stock your pantry with to get and stay skinny.  Before you stock your household with healthy goods learn what products  to remove that are destroying your health from the inside out. What you  don’t know may be killing you.
  • 25 Stunning Breakfast Recipes! Breakfast  is the dietary launch platform for the day. Some days require a quick  take off; for those days use the recipes listed as Staples. For  leisurely mornings and lavish brunches, turn to the section of Splurges.
  • 20 Tapas, Appetizers, Hors d’oeuvres, Starters, Snacks & Small Plates! Treating  your palate to small doses of varied flavors is a luxurious way to  dine. Whether you use these small plates to jump start appetites, to  make a meal of them, or as a light accompaniment to a glass of wine at  sunset, you are sure to impress with very little effort.
  • A Smattering Of 17 Mouth Watering Salad Recipes! No  matter how you toss it, you can’t go wrong with fresh leafy greens.  When greens have the starring roles in our diets, our health receives  rave reviews.
  • 23 Main Event Entrees! These are the real life dinner staples, dishes your family and friends will request repeatedly. You’ll never wonder, “What’s For Dinner?” again.
  • Over 20 Delicious Desserts & Drinks The  desserts are sweet and indulgent, but won’t require a stick of butter  to get the job done. The beverages, from healthy elixirs to sweet  libations, nicely compliment meals or can stand on their own as a  special treat.

With Recipes from The Delicious Revolution you WILL NOT:


  • Sacrifice taste for health
  • Slave for hours in the kitchen
  • Be left feeling hungry or unsatisfied
  • Have your social activities restricted by your diet
  • Have to become a chef to get the recipes right
  • Be deprived of foods you love
  • Give up dessert!

With Recipes from The Delicious Revolution you WILL:


  • Eat delicious foods you love
  • Have healthy foods ready fast, nearly all recipes take under 20 minutes
  • Learn what to stock your pantry with for great results
  • Save money with efficient use of ingredients
  • Reduce waste with menu planning
  • Learn to listen to your own body and adjust your diet to your needs
  • Be empowered to create your own nutritious dishes
    • Impress your friends and family with delicious meals they won’t believe have health benefits




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