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Top Secret BBQ Sauce Recipe

on May 23, 2012

Barbecue Sauce Recipe, Best barbeque sauce recipe in Texas!

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This is what you need to know to have the best BBQ in town…
Secret’s in the Sauce!
And we will tell you what that is.

Guaranteed SUCCESS No Matter WHAT You are BBQ-ing.

Ours is the best and we put it up against 100+ other recipes that you can get right here. (biggest online BBQ recipe directory on the web)
You be the Judge!

“ABSOLUTELY best recipe for barbecue sauce in existence!”
You were right, this Recipe is ABSOLUTELY the best recipe for barbecue sauce in existence! I know, cause I have tried them all! I just wanted to thank you for making it available, it has made me the King of the barbecue in my family and neighborhood”. – Bobette Williams, Anchorage, Alaska

“my friends finally know what REAL barbecue tastes like”
This Recipe makes me feel like I am back in Texas, thanks so much for finally sharing your secrets, Ha, now my friends finally know what REAL barbecue tastes like. – Dori Friend, San Francisco

What a difference this Recipe has made with EVERYTHING. Not only the barbecue is ALWAYS perfect (no more wasted meat), my favorite is when it runs over into the potato salad. YUMMMM! – Sherri Briggs, Dallas, TX

Finally, Top Secret Original BBQ Sauce Recipe is Revealed in Texas.

Dear Fellow BBQ-er,

Yes, you really can have the BEST barbecue in town.

But first, let me share some history with you…

Barbecueing began in the late 1800’s during cattle drives out West.  While on the trail, there wasn’t much to eat and what they did get, was usually the lower quality cuts of beef.
The cattle Barons of the times where more concerned about profits then feeding their hands and thus, the cowhands where fed the disposable cuts of beef.
The main choice for this was Brisket, which is very tough, stringy piece of meat. However, the cowboys learned that if you left this brisket to cook for a long period of time (5-7 hours) at a very low temperature that what was once a disposable cut of beef became a tasty treat.
During this time, the cooks began to experiment with sauces to put on the barbecue beef, thus even making a more tastier piece of beef.

Some cooks became revered for their their barbecue sauces and were the first to be hired onto a cattle drive, thus enticing the better cowhands to join up.
You can imagine how secret they kept their recipe, it was not even unheard of for the cook to mix the ingredients at night so the cowhands couldn’t see what went into the sauce.

It is THESE sauces that have made Texas famous for barbecue. And it is the BEST of these sauces that my family has been guarding for decades.

Here are some of our secrets…
Ideally, a smoker is the best type of cooking device used to barbecue. Smokers come in all sizes and shapes, some burn on wood or charcoal while others are electric. At any rate, the heat from any type of smoker is a cooler heat, which cooks the meat at slower pace, allowing the smoke to penetrate the outer layer of the meat.

Traditionally a grill is used for grilling pork, beef, fish, chicken, etc. directly over a fire that is fueled by gas or charcoal. Some folks think they are barbecuing steaks, when they are actually grilling a steak. You can; however, use a grill to cook meat that you will apply barbecue sauce to. It just takes more patience and attention.

1. Cooking Brisket: I usually cook a brisket at 200 degrees for approximately one half hour per pound of meat. Since a brisket is such a large chunk of meat and a little on the stringy side, it will often absorb too much smoke; therefore, I won’t usually cook a brisket entirely in a smoker. I cook a brisket in the oven (in a roasting pan) at 200 degrees until it has about an hour left to cook. Then I transfer it to a smoker to finish cooking.
2. Cooking Chicken: To cook chicken on a grill, I always put down a layer of foil and I’m no closer than the middle or top rack. Chicken skin burns easy and it’s hard to get done to the bone, especially white meat. So, cook it slow, turning frequently. You’ll know it’s done when the chicken is firm and it doesn’t’t bleed when you squeeze it. Chicken is one of the hardest meats to get just right. Practice times three.
3. Smoking on a gas grill: Don’t try to smoke large cuts of meat like this, but this method will help you get a nice smoky flavor to smaller cuts like a small rack of pork ribs, chicken, fish, etc. Take several small pieces of the wood of your choice, i.e. hickory, mesquite, oak, etc. and soak them in water for at least a couple of hours. (Be certain the wood is totally immersed in water.) Place the pieces of wood in a shallow (throwaway) tin pan, or something similar. Line the meat rack (at least the second or top rack) with heavy duty or two layers of foil. Preheat the grill to usually around 300 degrees. Place the meat on the foil (wipe the foil lightly with oil to keep the meat from sticking) and place the tin with wood chips on the lower rack. Close the grill and let the wood chips do their job. Be careful, because occasionally the wood chips will catch on fire. When that happens I use a spray bottle of water and put the fire out and close the grill lid.

4. To use barbecue sauce as a marinade: Dilute sauce by mixing two beers to each cup of barbecue sauce. Mix well.
5. Never marinade meat with full strength sauce.
6. Only when the meat has finished cooking can you baste with full strength sauce.
7. Cooked meat that has been coated with full strength sauce can only be can be left on the grill for a few minutes, turning the meat frequently to prevent scorching.
8. Keep in mind that you can use this sauce on oven-cooked foods as well. The smoky flavor in the sauce will convince your guest(s) that you spent all day over a smoker or grill!

The sauce is the #1 MOST important ingredient for the barbecue. And as you know, there are as many different variations on barbecue sauces as there are people on the planet.
So, who are you going to trust?
Who’s recipe are you going to invest your time into going to the grocery store, buying the ingredients and making the sauce? Who’s recipe are you going to trust $$ worth of meat to. Who’s recipe are you going to trust not to have a failed barbecue?
You can’t trust me, you don’t know me, but listen to what others have to say about my families #1 Top-Secret BBQ Sauce Recipe.

“loved the sauce”
Dang, that was good, thanks so much for sharing the secret,my wife thanks you, my children thank you and my parents thank you, they were just all here with a couple of neighbors, everyone loved the BBQ sauce, but I didn’t tell them were I got it.” -Bill James, Edmond, Oklahoma

“you were right, it *is* the best”
I didn’t believe it when I saw your claim so I bought it thinking I was going to give you hell for not living up to it, but instead, I am writing to tell you that you were right, it *is* the best.”. Jill Warner, McClain, Virginia

“second to none”
The barbeque sauce is absolutely wonderful. We use it on just about everything we barbecue. It has a great taste that is second to none, and brings out the best in whatever meat you choose to place sauce on. My family consumes primarily poultry or pork, and this sauce is absolutely fabulous on either”.
Thank you, Carrie Hurst, Surprise, Arizona

“thought about drinking it straight, cause it’s so GOOD!”
I am writing to tell you how “GREAT” the Bar-B-Q Sauce was, and how nice it is to enjoy a product that has an individual distinct flavor of it’s own as compared to the run of the mill products that seem to taste all the same. I have used this Sauce on “Ribs, Pork Roast, Steaks, and have thought about just drinking it straight, cause it’s so GOOD!
Thanks for creating such a delightful Bar-B-Q Sauce! Sincerely:
Keith W. Littlejohn, Omaha, Nebraska 06-01-02

You already know that you don’t want to have another one of those HO HUM, tasteless barbecue sauces. You are looking for something different. Well Pardner, this ain’t no city slicker, fresh off the grocer’s shelf type sauce here.

It don’t get better then this. GUARANTEED! I have been known for my barbecue sauce since I can remember. In fact, I GIVE IT OUT FOR CHRISTMAS! Not the recipe, I make the sauce and give out about forty bottles (not including refills) each year..


Not the best you’ve tasted in a while! I mean this is the best sauce you will *ever* taste in your life!
Through the years, my family and I have given hundreds, possibly thousands of bottles of this sauce away and every….not most…every single person has said that it was the best they had ever had and every person has asked for seconds or refill’s.

But the Absolute Best thing about this recipe is…
You have instant access to it. You don’t have to wait a week or two before you can get out to the barbecue and claim your kingdom, it is available right now, right here. All you have to do is download the PDF file with the recipe on it and you are on your way to a tastier future.

And on top of that, we have over 100 BBQ recipes, including rubs, mops and marinades.
To prove that our recipe is the BEST, we have built the biggest online directory of BBQ recipes for you to check out and test against ours. This alone is going to save you hours of online research time. We’ve got them all! From Beer to Vinigar, from Montana to North Carolina, we got um.
Wait, there is STILL MORE.
Momma didn’t want this recipe to go out without what she thinks are the BEST foods to go with them, (the recipes that is). She also wanted to make sure you used the sauce right. So will all that in mind, I (well, my mother) have include a couple of Bonuses to make this even more incredible.
Bonus One: How to use this BBQ sauce to make mouths water In barbecue Tips, we go over exactly *what to do* and *what not to do* to make your family and guests come back for seconds and thirds. (we already went over this here on the web site, but this is a PDF that you can print out so you can refer to it)
Bonus Two: What to cook with your barbecue: More jealously guarded secret recipes that have made me and my family the KINGS of the barbecue. The two we have included here are a recipe for Baked Beans and Potato Salad. Both absolute must for that perfect barbecue.
Bonus Three: Great Advice Do not give this recipe to ANYONE. Keep it to yourself to avoid us coming and visiting you.;)

And if that wasn’t enough…
Bonus Four: Enrollment in our BBQ recipe exchange, you may receive and request recipes from other members of the exchange all vie email. So if there is any other recipe you need to have, or if you have one you think others will enjoy, this is the place. You will get instructions in the first email on how to post and request recipes. And like all our email, you may unsubscribe at any time. We respect your privicy and your email address will NEVER be sold or given away.
I don’t know how to make this better. So, there is really only one question left.

Are you ready to have the *best* BBQ in town?

Yes No

If you have honestly answered “yes”, then please consider this a binding contract with yourself right now. This could be the decision that changes your barbecues forever. We promise to do our part, if you do yours.
Here’s the Best News We are giving everything *but* the 1topsecret recipe away for free.!

You got it! access to our online BBQ recipe directory (100+ recipes) and all the bonuses…

for FREE!

It is true, I usually charge for the online directory of recipes and the bonuses, but I have decided to try a something different. I decided that I would try giving those away in return for your eyeballs on a couple other BBQ products that I am an affilate for.
The only thing I ask, is that if you are going to purchase any other BBQ products, please take a look at the links I send you before you purchase elsewhere. Its that simple. Agreed? 

To get access to our incredible, incredible 1topsecret bbq sauce, I ask just a mere $14.95. After all, it might just change your life 😉 certainly your BBQ. And yes, you also get the online bbq recipe directory and all the bonuses as well. So like they say on TV, “what are you waiting for?”


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